Course curriculum

  • 01

    What does it mean to be a pedagogical leader?

    • Defining leadership

    • Limited Liability and Disclaimer

    • Going 7 layers deep

    • Now it's time to go 7 layers deep

  • 02

    The ingredients of pedagogical leadership

    • Ingredients of Pedagogical leadership

  • 03

    The possibilities of pedagogy

    • A story about how pedagogical leadership supported interpersonal conflict amongst a team.

  • 04

    Getting clear on the future you are trying to build

    • Pedagogical Leadership-A perspective from Anne Marie Coughlin and Lorrie Baird

    • What Is Pedagogy? A Perspective from Christina Delgado

    • Submit Reflection

  • 05


    • Where will I find the TIME to do all of this?

    • Monthly Plans to set you up for success-Tool to use to cultivate shared accountability

    • The value of data when engaging in evolution: Creating channels to receive feedback

    • Submit reflection

  • 06

    Pedagogical leadership requires intention. Protocols to support how you spend your time.

    • Submit reflection

    • Thinking lens-Resource to Support Documentation Studies

    • Describing Students Work

    • Individual Action Plan

    • Reflective Guide