Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction And Aspirations

    • Message from Your Facilitators: Opening Provocations

    • Land Acknowledgement

    • How to use this course

    • Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

    • Before We Get Started: A Space For Reflection

  • 02

    Values and Dispositions Connected to Emergent Ways of Being

    • Intelligently Examining Emergent Thinking, Teaching, Learning, and Being

    • "If what you know is knowledge, then what you don't know is wisdom" -Adam Grant

    • "Knowing how to think empowers you far beyond those who only know what to think"- Neil Degrasse Tyson

  • 03

    Early Learning In Canada: One Historical Perspective

    • What is History? A Cyclical and Engendered Perspective

    • "Their stories revealed an understanding of curriculum that was not as simple as choosing between Thorndike’s behaviorism or Dewey’s pragmatism, and suggested the complex ways in which we actually live history"- Petra Hendry

    • "The banking approach to education, will never propose to students that they critically consider reality" -Paulo Friere

    • John Dewey's 4 Principles of Progressive Education

    • A Space For Reflection: What Are We Thinking About Now?

  • 04

    "History is a relationship between the past and present. The past, which the historian studies, is not a dead past, but a past, which, in some sense is still living in the present." -Petra Hendry

    • Crash Course in Sociological Paradigms

    • How Does Learning Happen: Thinking Alongside Discourse and Paradigms

    • A Closer Look at One Paradigm: Neoliberalism And How Does it Shape Educational Structures?

    • How Does This Influence Emergent Ways of Being? An Introduction to Critical Pedagogy

    • "What kind of experiences are we generating?"- Cristina Delgado Vintimilla

    • The Story of Reggio Emilia As An Alternative Narrative to these Paradigms and Discourses

    • A Space For Reflection: What Are We Thinking About Now?

  • 05


    • References

  • 06

    Pedagogical Traces From Virtual Zoom Gathering

    • One pedagogical trace

    • The Question of Questions...