Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome, Aspirations, and Expectations.

    • Opening and Aspirations

  • 02

    Reading 1: Pedagogy...okay, what does this mean and why should this matter to me?

    • Reading (Pages 11-22-up until collaborative inquiry)

    • What is pedagogy and why should we care?

    • Planning chart to support pedagogy in your program

    • How are you thinking about pedagogy now?

  • 03

    Reading 2: Belonging and Expression. Relationships are the gateway for learning.

    • Belonging HDLH

    • Expression HDLH

    • Let's reflect on belonging and expression...

    • Planning chart to support belonging and expression

    • How can we create conditions for belonging and expression?

  • 04

    Reading 3: Well-being and Engagement: "You can't learn with an itchy butt"-Kristen Peterson

    • Wellbeing & Engagement

    • "You can't learn with an itchy butt"-Kristen Peterson

    • Planning chart to support well-being and engagement in your program

    • How can we create conditions for well-being and engagement?

  • 05

    Reading 4: Environments for learning. Why should we care about environments and materials?

    • Environment HDLH

    • Let's reflect...

    • Copy of Discovery's Values about Space and Environments

    • What is the world that you wish to live in?

  • 06

    Reading 5: Pedagogical documentation: what makes documentation pedagogical and why it is the foundation of early learning programs.

    • Pedagogical documentation HDLH

    • Pedagogical documentation ebook

    • Tips and Tricks: Keeping the experiences CHILD centered

    • Let's document your journey