Course curriculum

  • 01

    Considering our Environments

    • A perspective on Wonder from Roberta Pucci

    • Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

    • Ontario's statement on Environments for the Early Years

    • Bringing your Image of the Environment to life

  • 02

    Why should we care about environments?

    • The Environment as a Teacher

    • The importance to think about intelligent materials

    • Considering materials: Do they provoke wonder and awe?

  • 03

    What can we learn from nature and infuse this into our programs and provocations?

    • How do our spaces become an extension of the natural world?

    • "The world is poorly designed, but copying nature helps"

    • Biomimicry and Design

  • 04

    How does this come to life for you?

    • Pedagogical Documentation as an Encounter to Understand Our Image of the Environment More Deeply

    • Do the stories you tell of children speak to their competence?

  • 05

    Thinking in Possibilities, an opportunity to think with Intersectionality

    • Reflecting with stories: Creating a space to compare other perspectives with our own

    • What is the role of the environment here?

    • What is the role of the environment and community here?

    • Mandatory Survey-Workforce Funding