Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • Co-creating knowledges

    • How to use this course

    • Aspirations For This Course

    • Limited Liability and Disclaimer

    • The Summer Day by: Mary Oliver

  • 02

    Education for Future Survival: Why do we need an ecological identity?

    • Cultivating a Pedagogy of Ecology: Creating More Liveable Futures Through Education

    • Meadowlark Sings and I Greet Him In Return

    • What Are We Thinking About Now? A Space for Reflection

  • 03

    What Does it Mean to Have an Ecological Identity?

    • Look After the Woods (A Resource from Child and Nature Alliance of Canada)

    • When the Forest is Our Playground - Discovery Child Care Centre (Authorship Credit: Chelsa Osborne)

    • Daisies by Mary Oliver

  • 04

    How might we navigate the macro-level forces at play in the context of Risk Mitigation?

    • Thinking Differently about Ecological Identity: How History's Shape Our Understandings

    • Risk Mitigation Tools: Equipping Ourselves to Advocate for What Children Deserve

    • What Are We Thinking About Now? A Space for Reflection

    • Mandatory Survey-Workforce Funding

  • 05

    References & A Note from Your Facilitators

    • References