Course curriculum

  • 01

    Chapter 1

    • Opening and Aspirations

    • We were always here-Acknowledgement (A Film by Jonathan Elliott)

    • Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

    • Discovery perspectives: How has this shifted your experience?

  • 02

    Chapter 2

    • "I want to live in a world where..."

    • Let's reflect: I want to live in a world where...

  • 03

    Chapter 3

    • Step 1: A framework for co-constructing your program statement as a team

    • Step 2: Operationalize your values

    • Examples from Discovery's Process

    • Step 3: Use your values and world you wish to live in to reconsider your program statement.

    • One process to provide inspiration

  • 04

    Chapter 4

    • Creating a strategic plan around this vision

    • It's time to make your own strategic plan

    • Monthly Plans to set you up for success-Tool to use to cultivate shared accountability

    • Where will I find the TIME to do all of this?

    • The value of data when engaging in evolution: Creating channels to receive feedback