Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

    • Our Aspirations for This Module

    • Before We Get Started: A Space For Reflection

  • 02

    What are YOUR values? How do you live into them?

    • Start With WHY: How Great Leaders Inspire Action. A Message From Simon Sinek

    • WHAT are YOUR values? What Do they look like in action?

    • "It's easy to live into your values when things are going to plan; the greatest leaders live into their values when the plan falls apart"

    • What Does this Mean for Children? Why Do We Want Educators With a Sparkle In their Eyes...

    • What Are We Thinking About Now? A Space For Reflection

  • 03

    What are Discovery's Values? How Can We Connect Them To Our Personal Values?

    • What are the Organizations Values that We Aspire to Live into Every Day?

    • How Do We See This Happening? Aspirations for Educators, Children, and Families

    • A Space for Reflection: What Are We Thinking About Now?

  • 04

    Next Steps...

    • Reflection Experience

    • What do Values Look Like In Action? A Resource For Consideration From Brene Brown

    • Mandatory Survey-Workforce Funding

    • References